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Developing & Innovating Hospital Bed & Wheelchair Manufacturer.

Who Are We

Hebei Satcon Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China, is a professional hospital bed and wheelchair manufacturer. The factory was established in 2013 and focuses on the export of medical devices.

Our Mission

Steadily develop more products that meet customer requirements and international markets. Constantly innovating technology and equipment to provide more solutions for hospital tendering and medical device dealers.

What We Do

Occupying important roles in the domestic and international markets of the medical device industry. Become a high quality supplier of medical beds and wheelchairs in the world.

Our History

Satcon Medical is founded in 2010 with a clear mission – to help more and more disable people comfortable,improve sleep hygiene, health, and wellness. With more than 7 years of hospital bed/wheelchair manufacturing experience, we are committed to being the leading brand in the medical industry.
We have skilled workers, advanced equipment, strict quality control systems and a visual delivery system. In addition, our products are in line with ISO13485 international certification standards.
Our R&D department is developing and innovating more products for our customers, and we have not designed more visualization solutions for hospital bidding projects.

Our Certificat

ISO 13485

Our 6 Advantages



At the beginning, we are the manufacturer of medical beds. With the development of time, we gradually developed into a professional hospital furniture supplier. Provide professional one-stop service for overseas purchasing managers.


Reliable Quality Control

Product quality makes us fundamental to survival. We choose high quality raw material suppliers and use robotic laser welding. Modern production workshop, strict quality inspection.



We are not only a manufacturer, but also have a complete new product development department. You can turn your design concept into the perfect industrial product.



We are a and modern medical device supplier, and our goal is to become a world-renowned one-stop medical device supplier. With the development of new products, and the growing number of overseas medical care centers. We will work hard and forge Ahead .


Overseas Office

In 2017, we established the Satcon Medical Office in Barcelona, Spain, to serve Spanish medical device distributors. In 2018, we set up an office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, to radiate the Southeast Asian market.



We have a good relationship with world-renowned shipping companies. In 2017, we introduced a full-range visual tracking system for containers. You can check the trajectory of your goods at any time.

Why choose us?

Our sales representatives can solve all your problems and provide the most professional advice.

We have been engaged in the export of medical devices for 7 years and have a good reputation. CMEF, Thailand Medical Equipment Exhibition, Dubai Medical Equipment Exhibition, we are everywhere.

The rigorous QC system from material to loading guarantees that all our products are qualified. We have passed ISO13485 and CE certification.

We are not just a manufacturer. In China, we focus on the production and sales of hospital furniture for many years. If you need one-stop shopping, we are your perfect choice. We have experienced product managers and maintain close cooperation with Chinese medical device manufacturers.

We have our own overseas offices in Barcelona, Spain and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. With an experienced sales team, we can provide you with professional and complete industry solutions.

New product development has injected new vitality into our satcon medical. We keep up with the market trend and are never satisfied with the status quo. Every month, we will have new products available, providing overseas product managers with more choices and better profit margins.

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