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5 Tips on Purchasing Electric Wheelchair From China

Have you considered purchasing electric wheelchairs from China? You may feel unable to start and don’t know how to advance the procurement process of electric wheelchairs. Don’t worry, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide file. Because we, Satcon Medical, have more than 10 years of experience in the production and sales of electric wheelchairs. We have more than 30 distributors around the world, with the help of Satcon Medical. They established their own electric wheelchair brand and won a good reputation in the local market. Electric wheelchairs are among the most popular products bought from china to different parts of the words. As a purchasing manager of electric wheelchairs, you must want to purchase high-quality electric wheelchairs from China. Through this blog, you will get a full range of electric wheelchair procurement solutions.

purchase electric wheelchair from China

How to Start A Wheelchair Business?

How to start a wheelchair business? As we all know, selling wheelchairs is a profitable business not only in the United States but also throughout the world. Because of the aging of the global population, assisted mobile medical devices have become more and more popular. With the development of the economy, the elderly’s demand for assisted travel has become more and more vigorous.

Buy wheelchair from China

5 Best Electric Wheelchairs 2022

With the development of the times, electric wheelchairs have gradually begun to spread. More and more physically disabled people are starting to use electric wheelchairs. So how do we choose the best electric wheelchair in the face of so many wheelchair suppliers? As a manufacturer, we will give some advice on the body material of the wheelchair, battery properties, controller type and so on.

Top 7 Hospital Furniture manufacturers in China

The competition in the market of hospital furniture manufacturers is quite a steep one. China is known as the workshop of the world. According to the statistics of customs, in the recent five years, the annual growth rate of China’s hospital furniture export is about 15%. If you are a bidder for medical equipment or a distributor of hospital furniture. Then, it is necessary to study Chinese suppliers. Because your peers are importing a lot of hospital furniture from China. So how do I choose the best supplier for me?

hospital furniture manufacturers

Can the elderly board a wheelchair when they take the plane?

How to properly check the wheelchair when you take the flight There are no disabled seats on the plane, and disabled passengers cannot take their wheelchairs.Passengers in wheelchairs must apply when purchasing tickets. When changing boarding passes, there will be people using aviation-specific wheelchairs (the size is suitable for use on the aircraft, and there …

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How to prevent hemorrhoids from using a wheelchair for a long time

How to effectively prevent bedsores in patients with severe wheelchair use For the long-term use of wheelchair patients, how to effectively prevent pressure sores (pressure sores)? We offer the following Suggestions. 1. Maintain correct sitting posture and try to avoid bone protrusion and long-term compression. 2.Change your sitting posture every two hours 3.Choose the right …

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