Top 10 Hospital Bed Manufacturers in China

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If you are looking for a hospital bed manufacturer. How to make a decision in the face of such a vast number of manufacturers? Why not take a few minutes to read this blog. You will definitely find the answer you want.
top hospital bed manufacturer in China

Why Purchase Hospital Beds From China

If you are looking for the best hospital bed manufacturer, then the manufacturer from China is very worthy of your consideration. The production of hospital beds is not a very complicated process, but it has a very high dependence on the manufacturing industry chain. Fortunately, China has the most complete manufacturing industry chain in the world. First of all, the most important raw material for the manufacture of hospital beds is steel. Secondly, hospital bed manufacturers need a complete petrochemical industry, so that they can produce high-quality ABS headboards and guardrails. Finally, electric hospital beds need technical support from a mature motor manufacturer. In summary, China is the most suitable country for the mass production of medical beds.

In China, hospital bed manufacturers are mainly concentrated in three regions. The first is Guangdong Province, which is at the forefront of China’s reform and opening up. They were the first factories that started to engage in the production and sales of medical devices. This is followed by the Jiangsu region with the most complete manufacturing industry chain. They have advanced production technology and advanced business philosophy. Finally, Hebei Province has benefited from the advantage that steel production accounts for 30% of the country. A large number of hospital bed manufacturers were born here. They have the advantage of low raw material costs.

How to choose a suitable hospital bed manufacturer from China? I think this is the answer that every purchasing manager hopes to get. Today we Satcon Medical will list the top 10 hospital bed manufacturers in China for you. You can choose the one that suits you best according to your positioning, market, and other factors. Our list is comprehensively selected based on the company’s production scale, research and development capabilities, overseas market share, and other indicators. This ranking is just to provide you with a reference.

Top 10 Hospital Bed Manufacturers in China

1.Pukang Medical

  • Add: Dongshiduan Town, Xushui County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China
  • Top Product: ICU Bed, Home Care Bed, Patient trolleys
  • Main market: China’s domestic market accounts for 40%, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia
  • Company advantage: 25 years experience in hospital furniture, CE- and FDA-compliant | ISO 9001- and ISO 13485-certified | Exporting to 108 countries

Pukang Medical is located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, only 180km from Tianjin Port. Adjacent to the capital Beijing. They can be called the largest manufacturer of hospital beds in China. In the field of high-end ICU beds, it has a strong technical reserve. Has excellent performance in international bidding. It has defeated the famous American brand hill-rom and won the tender of the UAE Ministry of Health. In the field of ICU beds, Pukang Medical has a large number of technical reserves and patented designs.

Pukang Medical is a great manufacturer of hospital beds. But their products does not apply to all purchasing managers. First of all, product pricing is relatively high. This is not difficult to understand, because pukang medical regards hill rom as an object to catch up and surpass. Secondly, the lead time of their products is very long. If you book a 40HQ container, their production cycle is about 45 days. According to Pukang Medical’s 2020 financial statements, they have an average of 10 cabinets waiting to be shipped every day

2. Hope-Full Medical

  • Add: New Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Xian’ning City, Hubei Province 437100,China
  • Top Product: Electric hospital bed, ICU Bed, Aged Care Bed
  • Main market: Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Company advantage: 20 years experience in hospital bed, CE- and FDA-compliant | ISO 9001- and ISO 13485-certified

Hope full was established in 1999 and has more than 20 years of hospital bed manufacturing experience. This company attaches great importance to product development and technical reserves. They have 8 invention patents and more than 120 utility model and appearance patents. It is precise because of these patents that the hospital beds produced by hope-full have a unique appearance. The company’s overseas sales model uses an exclusive agency model. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand have their own exclusive agents. This is of course a surprising performance, and it also shows that their products have a dazzling performance in the market competition.

It is this agency mechanism that prevents many new medical equipment trading companies from purchasing this company’s hospital beds. If you are a new medical device trader, this company may not be suitable for you. Because they have set up exclusive agents in many countries. If the number of hospital beds you need to purchase is not very large, it may be a good choice to contact the local agent of this company.

3. Jiangsu Saikang Medical

  • Add No.35 Lehong Road, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.
  • Top Product: ICU Bed, Manual Hospital Bed
  • Main market: Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa
  • Company advantage: 18 years experience in hospital bed filed, CE- and FDA-compliant | ISO 9001- and ISO 13485-certified

This is a company listed on China’s NEEQ. Their product development capabilities are not as good as Pukang and Hope-Full. This company puts more energy on product technology and quality control. The ability to innovate is slightly insufficient. If you are looking for some high-quality and low-cost hospital beds with excellent workmanship, then Saikang medical is your best choice. Their overseas sales team is very large, about 50 people. In the bidding project for medical beds, the performance is active. Their main markets are very concentrated, and they are very well-known in Southeast Asia. There are multiple agents in Thailand and Malaysia. This is very different from Hope-Full. If you are a hospital bed purchasing manager from Thailand, you don’t have to worry about whether they have an agent in Thailand. Because of their attitude towards new customers, moderation is open. This is very commendable.

4. Satcon Medical

  • Add: Room 506, Building 1, SOHO East District, Jianwai, East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Top Product: ICU Bed, Electric hospital bed,
  • Main market: Middle East Markets, Southeast Asia Market
  • Company advantage: 10 years experience in hospital bed filed, CE- and FDA-compliant | ISO 9001- and ISO 13485-certified

Yes, I want to introduce my own company-Satcon Medical. Our factory is located in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, 220km from Tianjin Port. Our hospital bed production experience is not as rich as Pukang and Hope-full. But we also attach great importance to product development and technical reserves. We are at the forefront of the industry in terms of surface treatment technology for hospital beds. Of course, this is inseparable from my university major courses. In my college days, I mainly studied chemical engineering and technology. Therefore, when we started to produce hospital beds. We chose the pickling and phosphating process for surface treatment. We chose Akzo Nobel’s powder coatings with more stable quality and better oxidation resistance as the bed surface treatment process.

Regardless of the hospital bed production process, we actively participate in bidding around the world. In December 2020, we won a tender from the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan. In March 2021, we won the tender for 600 ICU beds at the Bangladesh Medical Center. If you are looking for a hospital bed manufacturer with rich bidding experience, then Stcon Medical may be your best partner. We understand the bidding process and know-how to help customers win this bidding.

5. Yonghui Medical

  • Add: Yonghui Medical Equipment Factory, Weitun Economic Development Zone, Jizhou City, Hebei Province, China
  • Top Product: Home care bed, Aged care bed
  • Main market: 80% domestic, 20% overseas OEM
  • Company advantage: 20 years experience in hospital bed filed, CE- and FDA-compliant | ISO 9001- and ISO 13485-certified

Yonghui Medical is a manufacturer with R&D capabilities and rich production experience. But it does not have the popularity that matches its strength. This is largely because Yonghui medical has a very high market share in China’s domestic market. In terms of overseas market development, they did not put much effort into it. In China, Yonghui medical’s home care hospital bed is at the leading level in the industry. It has many years of cooperative relationships with many nursing homes.

Some foreign trade companies in China entrust Yonghui medical to develop and manufacture products. In the Vietnamese market, Yonghui brand home care beds have a very high market share. So if you are preparing a nursing home, or bidding for a nursing home. Yonghui Medical is your best choice.

6. Rongshun Medical

  • Add:No. 607, MiaoPu Road, LuoDian Town, BaoShan District, Shanghai, China
  • Top Product: ICU bed, Medical Trolley, Patient Transfer Stretcher Cart
  • Main market: 60% domestic, 20% Europe, 10% Middle east
  • Company advantage: More than 30 years of production experience,More than 100 people on the research and development team, CE- and FDA-compliant | ISO 9001- and ISO 13485-certified

The company has been working hard in the medical industry for nearly 30 years and used the care and love support in the care of medical staff and the appointment of hospitals. In 2011, the People’s Daily launched the “China 201 Health Group Health” issued by the “Healthy China 2011 Public”. Health Brand Enterprise” Honorary Care and “Healthy China 2011 Outstanding Contribution Award for Healthcare Industry”. Rongshun Medical is more than just a professional hospital bed manufacturer. They have a complete supply chain system and are in a leading position in the field of hospital furniture.

The company’s existing metal products department, plastic products department, coating accessories department, universal wheel department, investment development department, hotel service industry. The main products are various types of hospital beds, carts, surgical docking carts, transfer windows, workbenches, physical and chemical laboratory benches, equipment cabinets, and other stainless steel products for medical units. At the same time, it specializes in the production of various types of hotels, restaurants, and factory canteens. Stainless steel kitchen equipment, as well as medical advanced patented hollow inflatable silent casters, large and small medical plastic accessories, etc.

7.Ruilangde Medical

  • Add: Zhongkuang South Road, High-Tech Development Zone, Hengshui, Hebei, China
  • Top Product: Manual hospital bed, Home nursing bed, Air bed mattress
  • Mainly Market: 60% of domestic e-commerce sales, 30% of the Southeast Asian market, 10% of the Middle East market
  • Company advantage: The level of industrial design is excellent, and the degree of mechanical automation is high. The product supply chain system is stable and has passed CE and FDA certification

This company was founded in 2013, although it is a rising star. But this company has been engaged in infrastructure construction in the communications field for the past 30 years. Therefore, they have accumulated rich experience in mechanical manufacturing. They have a complete R&D, sales, and after-sales team. In the field of medical beds, they have performed very well in the Chinese domestic market. Whether it is a domestic online e-commerce platform or a medical institution bidding.

If you want to develop the retail business of medical beds and nursing beds in your own country, then I highly recommend you to choose Ruilangde medical. Because of their rich experience in the retail market. In 2021, they are already the first brand of home care beds in China.

8.Better Medical

  • Add: No. 1-1, North Village Committee Avenue, Jiangcun, Leliu Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Top Product: Electric hospital bed, Baby crib/Children bed, Shower bed
  • Mainly Market: 60% Southeast Asian market, 40% South American market
  • Company advantage: Rich OEM and ODM experience, Good quality and low price, high cost performance, Strict product quality control CE- and FDA-compliant | ISO 9001- and ISO 13485-certified

Unlike the previous company, this is a small and beautiful hospital bed manufacturer. They may not be very famous, or you have not even heard of this factory. But this does not affect the quality and market performance of the beds produced by Better Medical. In the Southeast Asian market, they provide OEM and ODM services for several well-known local brands. This is why, they can produce 30,000 hospital beds every year, but you have never heard of this company. The main business of this company is the export of medical beds. Therefore, they are very strict in the selection of hospital bed parts and supporting motors. Their electric hospital beds all use motors from Taiwan’s Moteck. Whether it is stability or economy, there are great guarantees.

If you are looking for a hospital bed manufacturer that can provide you with OEM or ODM services. Then I highly recommend you to choose Better Medical. Because in this field, they have this rich experience, the most important thing is that their products are very cost-effective.

9.Baiyang Medical

  • Add: Block C, Diangu Yuansheng Square, Chaoyang North Street, Baoding, Hebei, China
  • Top Product: Electric hospital bed, Home nurning bed, Delivery bed
  • Mainly Market: Domestic markets 50%, Southeast Aisa: 20%, Middle East: 30%
  • Company advantage: It has won the bidding of domestic top three hospitals many times, and the product quality is first-class. Passed ISO 13485 CE certification.

The company attaches great importance to the upgrading of machinery automation and production technology. It has an automated robotic welding workshop, a large high-tech automated laser tube processing center, and a complete pickling phosphating and powder coating spraying system. From the primary processing of steel to the final surface treatment of the hospital bed, all processes are at the leading level in the industry. It is precisely because of this that the medical beds produced by Baiyang Medical have a very high market share in the three large domestic hospitals. As the company continues to forge ahead, the International Trade Department was established. Now the export business is gradually getting better and better.

10. Xingda Medical

  • Add: No. 51 West Yulan Street, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
  • Top Product: Electric hospital bed, ICU hospital bed, Child bed
  • Mainly Market:Domestic markets 30% Africa 30.00% South Asia 20.00% Southeast Asia 10.00%
  • Company advantage: 30 years of hospital furniture production experience, rich experience in overseas bidding, passed ISO 13485 and CE certification

Xingda medical is a professional hospital furniture manufacturer. They are not limited to the product of hospital beds. Of course, this cannot conceal that they are a top hospital bed manufacturer. If you are a purchasing manager, or you are looking for a hospital bed manufacturer with rich overseas bidding experience. Then Xingda Medical may be your best choice. They can provide you with a full set of hospital furniture quotations, and can provide you with all the documents required for bidding. This will greatly save you the time required to find suppliers and run-in with them.

The beds they produce are of high quality, and the motors they use come from the well-known Taiwanese brand Moteck. At the same time, this company has a very high market share in the field of medical stainless steel carts. This is a supplier worth choosing. The only drawback is that the price of the product is 20% higher than that of its peers. Obviously, you get what you pay for. All in all, this is a very good hospital furniture supplier that can be trusted for a long time.

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