How to prevent hemorrhoids from using a wheelchair for a long time

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How to effectively prevent bedsores in patients with severe wheelchair use

For the long-term use of wheelchair patients, how to effectively prevent pressure sores (pressure sores)? We offer the following Suggestions.

1. Maintain correct sitting posture and try to avoid bone protrusion and long-term compression.

2.Change your sitting posture every two hours

3.Choose the right wheelchair, if the patient’s upper limbs are strong enough. Encourage them to do five seconds of hand support three times every 30 minutes.

4.Use cushion to relieve hip pressure(This is a product we want to highlight today)

Square inflatable anti-bedsore wheelchair cushion

Made of high quality fabric for comfort and breathability. Ergonomically designed with multiple venting holes. Disperse the cushion area of the buttocks and have an auxiliary massage effect. It can effectively accelerate the blood circulation of the buttocks and thighs. It alleviates the problem of poor blood circulation caused by long-term sedentary.

Comfortable fabric

Fabrics made of thickened high-grade molecular materials, do not change hard in winter, do not sweat in summer, effectively prevent bedsore.

Concave and convex air permeability holes

Multiple air permeability holes design, dry and breathable, comfortable seat environment, cut off bacteria nourishment, distribute seat body pressure.

Good sealability

The use of heat-bonding process, needle-free, strong sealing, can effectively alleviate buttock pressure.

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