Our Factory About hospital furniture

This is our factory that produces medical beds and electric wheelchairs. Satcon Medical focuses on the production, research and development and sales of hospital furniture. The latest modular production is used to disassemble the process using the data model. Improve production efficiency and ensure product quality control.

Our Certificate

ISO 13485

Our Production

01-Robot Cutting

We have adopted the latest Industrial 4.0 design. All raw materials are cut, bent and punched using a CNC machine arm. Errors in manual manual cutting are avoided.

02-Automatic robot welding

The welding process is a very important part in the production process of the hospital bed. Studies have shown that robot welding is superior to manual welding in the case of the same material. The ultimate tensile test shows that the ultimate tensile force of robot welding is 30% higher than manual welding.

03-Spraying Process

The powder coating spray process plays a decisive role in the appearance of the bed. Before spraying the electrostatic powder coating, we will pickle and phosphatize the surface of the product. The product thus sprayed is smooth and shiny.

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