3 Function Manual Hospital Bed ST-MH03

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  1. Material: High quality cold rolled carbon steel
  2. Function: Three Functions
  3. Size: L 2050 mm x W 900 mm x H (480 mm – 620 mm)
  4. Place of Origin: Hebei
  5. Brand Name: Satcon Medical
  6. Model Number: ST-MH03

Three Function Manual Crank Adjustable Hospital Bed

A height-adjustable medical hospital bed that is widely used in intensive care units. The biggest advantage of this bed is that the height of the bed can be adjusted. When the patient gets out of bed, it becomes easier by adjusting the height. When the patient needs to dock the inspection instruments of different heights, it can also be adjusted by adjusting the height.
Therefore, this three-function manual bed is a very popular product. It is often mentioned in hospital procurement tenders.
You are very lucky because you met the manufacturer of the real medical bed-Satcon Medical. Our products are tested by time and customers. the team is lively and strictly prohibited. Our philosophy is customer first.

Three Function Manual Medical Bed Product Description

  1. ABS Four Leaf Shape guardrail, pneumatic spring with damping, protect the patient’s safety.
  2. The headboards are made of high-quality native ABS injection molding.
  3. The bed surface is made of one-time punch forming, sturdy and durable.
  4. It adopts a 125 mm PU double-sided silent wheel, which is stable in driving and strong in bearing capacity.
  5. ABS folding hidden crank, two-way limit protection.
  6. All steel used in hospital beds is best from well-known steel mills such as Shanghai Baosteel and Beijing Shougang.

Hospital Bed ST-MH03 Product Parameters

The size of the Medical Bed L 2050 mm x W 900 mm x H (480 mm – 620 mm)
Guardrail ABS injection molding guardrail * 4 pieces
Headboard ABS injection molding * 2 pieces
Backrest Lifting 0°-75°
Leg Up 35°
Height adjustment 480 mm to 620 mm(The height is adjustable)
Castor 5-inch(125 mm diameter) PU universal wheel (with central break)
Bed material 1.2 mm cold-rolled carbon steel
Net weight 100 kg
Gross weight 110 kg
Safe load 260 kg
Package dimensions 2030 mm * 1000 mm * 320 mm

Professional Medical Bed Supplier in China

If you are a product manager or bidder for medical equipment, you must always look for a reliable medical bed supplier. Satcon Meidical must be the choice you can’t miss. We have the following advantages.

  1. We have been producing beds for more than 20 years and are well-known hospital furniture suppliers in China. Such as adjustable medical bed, home care bed, ICU hospital bed.
  2. Our products have passed CE and FDA certification, and are unimpeded in the European and American markets.
  3. In 2012, we introduced Hitachi’s complete robotic welding system, and all welding processes are accurate.
  4. Professional overseas sales team. We have branches in Ho Chi Minh and Barcelona.
  5. A complete and professional parts supply chain system, we have integrated the supply chain for 10 years.

Best Medical Bed Supplier In China

Medical beds play a very important role in the hospital. It is a medical device for patients to get along with each other. It is necessary to meet the needs of hospital diagnosis and treatment and to create a warm and comfortable environment for patients.
According to statistics, the demand for medical beds is increasing year by year. As the world is not as old as the population, and the rapid development of the social economy. The average life expectancy of human beings is greatly mentioned. If you are a distributor of medical equipment, a Medical bed will definitely help you win more business.
What types of medical beds are there? How to purchase high quality and low price products? What are the well-known bed suppliers? Today this blog will help you solve your doubts.

What types of medical beds are there?

1.Manual and Electric

Manual Medical Bed

3 crank manual medical bed with 8 cm Sponge mattress
If divided according to the driving method, it can be divided into manual hospital beds and electric hospital beds. Manual beds are generally simpler and most are used in general wards. The biggest point of the manual bed is that the price is low and the stability is good.
Of course, It’s shortcomings are also obvious. For patients with limited mobility, they can’t adjust the bed by themselves. Therefore, most of the manual hospital beds are deployed in the general ward. Of course, manual beds also have their unique advantages. That is, the cost of later maintenance is very low, and there is almost no failure.

Full Electric Medical Bed

Professional Medical Bed Supplier
Electric beds can be further divided into a full electric hospital bed and manual & electric hospital bed. Its advantages are very obvious, reducing the work intensity of the nursing staff.
The patient can adjust the bed by remote control. Consider the possibility of power outages, the presence of manual and electric beds. But with the development of the times, electric beds with batteries are gradually replacing it. When the hospital or nursing home is out of power, the battery can work stably for about 2 hours.
If you must find some shortcomings about electric beds. I think the first is that electric beds are more expensive in the case of equivalent functions. Because it needs to be driven by a motor. Another disadvantage or potential risk is that the motor has failed. It is not as 100% reliable and stable as a manual bed.

Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

Three function semi electric hospital bed

Semi-electric hospital beds are similar to full-electric beds. Normally, it is controlled by remote control. It can adjust the head and feet of the bed. At the same time, it can also adjust the overall height of the bed to facilitate patient inspection and transfer.
Compared to the full electric hospital bed. It adds manual mode, in an environment without power. You can easily adjust the bed. When there is a problem with the motor, the bed can operate normally in manual mode. Its stability is better.

2.Divided By Function

We know that different patients have different requirements for beds. So the bed also has a systematic classification based on function.

Single And Double Crank Hospital Bed

These beds are widely used in general wards in hospitals. It is also the most demanded in medical beds.
Single Crank Bed: This bed can only be adjusted on the back, allowing the patient to maintain a comfortable sitting position. Its structure is very simple and the price is very cheap. It has a huge demand in the Southeast Asian market.
Double(Two)Crank Bed: It is the most popular bed in the current general ward. It adjusts the back and legs to keep the patient in a comfortable sitting position. Compared to the single crank bed, it adjusts the leg position and promotes blood circulation.

Three Function Hospital Bed

Compared to the Two Crank Hospital bed, it adds height adjustment to facilitate patient getting out of bed. Due to its height-adjustable, it can dock different diagnostic instruments. More convenient and efficient transfer of patients.
The three-function bed is more expensive and is suitable for use in advanced care wards or patients who require frequent examinations. Of course, many nursing homes will purchase this type of bed.

ICU Hospital Bed

5 function electric ICU hospital bed
ICU is the abbreviation of the Intensive Care Unit. These types of beds are very demanding and require a lot of functionality. Currently, hill-rom is the world’s best manufacturer of ICU beds.
It plays a very important role in the intensive care unit. So what features does it need to have?

  • Multi-position adjustment function. The bed can perform the function of overall lifting. Can be adjusted to the CPR position, FOWLER position, MAX Check position,
  • Turn over function. Patients in the intensive care unit often cannot turn over themselves. In order to prevent the production of acne, it must be turned over and cleaned regularly.
  • Precise weighing function. Intensive care patients need to record changes in body weight each day in order to develop a new treatment plan.
  • The flexible mobile and brake ICU ward center requires that the care bed be flexibly moved and secured with a fixed brake, which facilitates rescue and in-hospital transport, etc., and uses centrally controlled brakes and medical universal wheels.

Top 5 Hospital Bed Manufacturer in China

Nowadays, Chinese manufacturing is no longer synonymous with cheap and low quality. As a medical equipment purchasing manager, you must understand Chinese medical equipment suppliers.
Manufacturers of medical beds are mainly concentrated in three regions, Zhejiang Area, Guangdong Area, Hebei Area. A large number of outstanding hospital furniture manufacturers have emerged in these areas. We selected five outstanding representatives to introduce to the purchasing managers. These suppliers represent the highest level of manufacturing in Chinese hospital furniture.

1.Hebei Pukang Medical

They are the largest hospital bed manufacturers in China. Their products are of good quality and expensive. Their overseas sales channels are mainly through large distributors and have their own exclusive agents in all major countries and regions.
If you are a large medical device distributor, then choosing Pukang Medical is a great choice. If your annual purchases are not very large, and your area already has an exclusive agent. I suggest that you do not have to consider purchasing from this company. Their products have entered the world’s first-tier brands, and in 2019 they beat hill-rom and won a tender from the UAE Ministry of Health.

2. Hebei Yonghui Medical

This is a medical bed manufacturer with a very high reputation. At the same time, Yonghui Medical is also the factory of Satcon Medical. If you need to find a cost-effective medical bed, there are not too many exclusive agent manufacturers overseas. Then Yonghui Medical is your best choice.
The medical beds produced by Yonghui Medical are more oriented to home care and nursing homes. Their medical beds have a lot of user-friendly design. The operation is simple, convenient to use, and reliable in quality.

3. Jiangsu Kelin Medical

This is a professional hospital furniture manufacturer. The ICU beds they produce are of superior quality and reasonable prices. They have nearly 20 years of production experience and continuous innovation in production processes. If you are a customer from Europe and America, I think this supplier is a very good choice. At the same time, their performance in the Chinese market is also very bright. Many times won the tender for large hospitals.
Of course, he has the same flaws as Pukang medical. This company has a number of exclusive distributors overseas. As a small and medium-sized dealer, it is not possible to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

4. Guangdong Xufeng Medical

There is no doubt that Xufeng Medical has a very advanced design concept and strict production standards. Not only medical beds, but they are also well-known wheelchair and walker manufacturers. If you want to buy medical equipment and rehabilitation equipment in one stop, then it will be a good choice.
If you want to point out the shortcomings, I think delivery is a very serious problem. Xufeng Medical has too many product lines, so it will be a long process from payment to receipt of goods. This is enough to prove that their business is so hot.

5. Satcon Medical

As the largest Internet brand in Chinse marketing , Satcon Medical is experiencing a crazy expansion. At the beginning of the company, this was just a trading company. As the company grows in size, they continue to optimize their restructuring assets. In the wheelchair industry, it is a joint venture with the well-known Yaosen Medical in China; in the medical bed industry, it has deep cooperation with Yonghui Medical.
As mentioned above, this is a company that has risen from the Internet. The biggest advantage of Satcon Medical is that it has a complete raw material supply chain in China and an experienced sales team overseas. As a small and medium-sized dealer, when you don’t know how to choose a supplier. Choosing satcon medical, this will be a great experience. Because the sales team of this company is very young and very energetic.
After reading this blog, I think you already know how to choose a medical bed supplier. If you have any problems in purchasing or need to know more detailed advice. Please contact me because I am a sales specialist for medical beds.

What is hospital bed called?

The hospital bed is hospital furniture specifically for patient care in hospitals. It can be divided into manual beds, full electric beds, semi-electric beds, weight loss beds, ICU beds.

What is a hospital bed used for?

Hospital beds are mainly used for patient care. It can adjust the head and foot of the bed. Even the height of the bed can be adjusted. Some ICU beds can be adjusted to meet specific surgical positions.

How much does a hospital bed cost to buy?

If you want to buy it personally, the price of the bed is more expensive. Its price range is 2000USD to 9000USD. If you are a tenderer, the price range of the bed is between 300USD-4500USD.

9 reviews for 3 Function Manual Hospital Bed ST-MH03

  1. Robin J King

    First of all, I want to declare that this is definitely the most professional medical bed supplier I have ever seen. Their sales team is very professional and attentive. Frankly speaking, I am a newcomer in the field of international trade, but they never hide anything from me and are very patient. This supplier is highly recommended!

    • Burning Lee

      Thank you Robin, I think we will have more business chance.

  2. Reynaldo T Duran

    This is Reynaldo From West Virginia. I was looking for a supplier of medical beds on LinkedIn 2 years ago and I finally chose Secco Medical. The company’s products are of superior quality and the after-sales policy is perfect. The most important thing is that their sales team is very friendly.

  3. Robert C Hamm

    I am a dealer from Dubai. At first I bought a bed from our national distributor. Later, I met Burning on Facebook and learned about Satcony Medical. We are just starting to do business, and the quality of the beds produced by Satcon is still great. I highly recommend this supplier.

  4. Roger L Bond

    This is the most professional medical bed supplier I have ever seen. Their products are complete and reliable. Cooperation for many years, highly recommended. Blessing from the United States.

  5. Victor Lovett

    Satcon is a great company and I got in touch with their CEO on LinkedIn. After a year of communication, we tried a trial order. The order process is great, they are a professional medical bed supplier and highly recommended. Blessing from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

  6. Joanne Tweed

    I purchased 10 beds. It is now online at my store. This team is very professional and there is no problem with the quality of the product. Even more surprising is that their shipping process is visual. Just like tracking a courier, you can see where the goods are in real time. This is great, it is really amazing.

  7. Bailey Battarbee

    We are the largest local medical device distributor in Australia. We are looking for authentic and reliable hospital furniture suppliers around the world. At the CMEF in Shanghai in 2015, I met Burning. Their company’s products are very cost-effective, and Burning is a successful professional manager. We have been working together for 4 years. If you need a hospital bed supplier from China, I highly recommend Satcon Medical.

  8. Leonia Hill

    We met Satcon Medical at the 2017 Thailand Medical Device Show. As time went on, we started to have trial orders. So far, their heads are professional and passionate. The hospital beds they produce are inexpensive and are a very good choice in the Southeast Asian market.

  9. Judy Lay

    Satcon Medical is a great supplier. With their help, I won the tender for the largest medical center in the region – 1,300 hospital beds. This is our common victory. This is not the end, it is a new starting point. I hope we can get more business opportunities. Satcon Mediical Best Medical

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes, the height of this bed is adjustable. Its height adjustable range: 480 mm – 620 mm
  2. A First of all, becoming an overseas agent of Satcon needs to be discussed by our board of directors. The two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation. We are more cautious about the exclusive agent in the Middle east. Because in the Middle East, we already have multiple dealers. It is not very easy to become the sole agent of Satcon.
  3. A Of course, we have long-term strategic partnerships with shipping companies such as Maersk, MSC and COSCO. In the field of medical beds, we can provide LCL(Less than Container Load services) + delivery to door service.
  4. A First of all, this is a commonplace topic. There are many unknown risks in international trade, but Satcon's sales team has extensive experience in risk control. In terms of payment methods, we can use the TT+L/C model to reasonably constrain both parties. In terms of the quality of the goods, the order is more than 10,000 US dollars, we will provide SGS third-party inspection service for free.
  5. A Our after-sales policy is only for repair. When there is a problem with the product accessories, we will deliver it through international express delivery. For the overall bed frame, our warranty period is 5 years.
  6. A Regarding the medical bed, our minimum order quantity is 5 Pieces. But we can provide samples before the order.
  7. A Never rust! Because the overall bed frame is made of high quality cold rolled carbon steel galvanized spray powder coating. In 2016, we introduced a more advanced Ultrasonic rust removal system.
  8. A In China, we are the most professional medical bed supplier. Satcon Medical has its own production plant that guarantees product quality.
  9. A Sure, any where is welcome!
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