10 Liters Oxygen Concentrator ST-OCY3

  1. Instrument classification: Class II
  2. Certificate: ISO 13485 / CE / FDA
  3. Sound Level: ≤50 db
  4. HS Code: 90192000
  5. Size: 365 mm x 375 mm x 600 mm

10 Liters Oxygen Concentrator

10 Liters Oxygen Concentrator is a medical-grade oxygen generator. It can be widely used in home pensions, medical clinics, and other scenarios. It is better than 5 Liters oxygen machine realization, applicable to a wider range of scenarios. Its main application scenarios are as follows.

  1. Patients with intermittent pneumonia in the family. This product is very suitable, it can effectively help patients sleep peacefully.
  2. Those who like to travel, mountain lovers. With it you can effectively alleviate altitude sickness.
  3. Community hospitals and outpatient clinics, which can effectively treat patients under the guidance of a doctor.
  4. Medical first aid, sometimes it is not a good thing to carry a first aid kit. Portable oxygen concentrators are also essential.

Product Description

  1. Humidification bottle using American SALTER LAB. Its pressure release can be as high as 6 PSI (0.041 MPa). It allows the patient to have a more comfortable experience when taking oxygen.
  2. Customerized mute cotton make sure non-pulverization phenomenon min 3 years.
  3. All the internal pipes of our products are made of medical-grade silicone tubes. Among some low-cost suppliers, they choose industrial silicone tubes. Of course, this will reduce the cost of the product and will also harm the health of the user.
  4. This product uses a copper tube and aluminum fin heat dissipation design to ensure that the oxygen machine can work 24 hours a day.
  5. It is very intelligent and can work stably in the highlands. This is thanks to the pressure sensor we have equipped for it.

Product Technical Parameters

Model ST-OCY5
Flow Rate 0- 10 LPM
Purity 93% (±3%)
Outlet Pressure 0.04-0.07MPA
Sound Level ≤50db
Power Consumption ≤550W
LCD Display Switch times, Operating pressure, Present Working Time, Accumulating Time, presetting Time from 10mins to 40hours
Alarm Power failure alarm, High&Low pressure alarm, Temperature alarm
Net Weight 26 kg
Size 365 mm x 375 mm x 600mm
Optional Nebulizer, low purity alarm/low flow alarm, high-temperature alarm, pulse oximeter

Product Application Field

  1. Its most important application scenarios are nursing homes and community clinics.
  2. Of course, it can also produce oxygen and store it in an oxygen cylinder.
  3. Industrial use such as welding, glass cutting, etc
  4. Oxygen supply for ozone generator

Why Choose Us?

Satcon Medical holds the concepts of “All work for customers” and “Customer satisfaction is the premise of our progress”. These service concepts gradually penetrate every department in our company, including the sales department, production department, quality control department, engineering department, R&D center, etc.
When receiving customers’ requirements, we will give replies as soon as possible. If the customers are not satisfied with the replies, we will arrange our engineers to communicate with them directly until they are satisfied.

Our Service

Warranty Period

15 months for the whole unit and 24 months for the compressor.

Pre-sales Service

1. We will communicate with customers to know about their requirements.
2. Necessary samples and technical documents will be offered to customers.
3. We will guide customers to use our oxygen concentrator correctly and safely.
4. Our company also provides other services such as packing & designing as well as oxygen concentrator knowledge training.

In-sales Service

Delivery time is within 3-20 working days (according to specific order quantity) upon receiving the advance payment.
After-sale Service
Inquire of customers about the working conditions of their oxygen concentrators and help them settle problems in time.


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