Manual Hospital Bed ST-MHQ01

Satcon Medical focuses on the export of hospital beds. We have multiple agents in the Middle East and Africa. If you are looking for a stable and reliable hospital bed supplier, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We can provide the best price with quality service. We can provide you with a listed quote. In the field of hospital furniture, we are one of the top suppliers in China.At Satcon Medical, you can experience a professional one-stop shopping.

What is Manual Hospital Bed?

The manual hospital bed uses hand cranks to adjust the head and feet of the bed. Some manual beds can also adjust the overall height of the bed, as well as a Trendelenburg position and a Rev.Trendelenburg position. For general wards in hospitals, a manual hospital bed is a very good choice. In ordinary wards, patients can take care of themselves. Manual beds can meet most of their needs.

Compared to full electric hospital beds, manual beds have a lower price. In addition, manual beds are not equipped with motors. Its quality is more stable and reliable, and the hospital does not need to invest additional costs for maintenance. Manual beds are in great demand in the African and Southeast Asian markets. You can understand it as cheap hospital beds. But cheap doesn’t mean unreliable quality. The main cost of electric beds is equipped with motors.

How to Select Manual Hospital Bed Supplier?

If you are looking for a cheap hospital bed, then a manufacturer from China is the right one for you. As a professional hospital bed manufacturer, Satcon Medical will provide you with some medical bed manufacturers. It can effectively help you choose the right supplier for you.

  1. Kangmei Medical: Kangmei Medical focuses on the Southeast Asian market. They have more than 10 years of experience in exporting beds. They attend medical device fairs in the Philippines and Thailand every year. If you are a buyer from Southeast Asia, maybe you can meet them at a local exhibition. Their prices are extremely competitive and the quality of their products is stable and reliable.
  2. Zhukang Medical: Zhukang Medical is a well-known manufacturer of manual beds and home care beds in China. Their products occupy a very high market share in China’s domestic market. But their export business has not been advanced, perhaps they are more focused on the Chinese market. It is worth noting that they have exclusive agents in Russia. If you are a buyer from Russia, this brand may be your best choice. Because Russia’s medical device registration certificate is very difficult to obtain.
  3. Yonghui Medical: Yonghui Medical is a leader in the field of home care beds. If you are looking for a manual home care bed, Yonghui Medical is definitely your best choice. The only drawback is that their products are 30% more expensive than their peers.
  4. Satcon Medical: Satcon Medical is a professional hospital bed manufacturer. Satcon Medical focuses on the Middle East and Africa markets. Their beds have a very high market share in Africa. In 2019, Satcon Medical won the bid for 108 manual beds in the Ministry of Health of Kuwait.

Product Description

  1. The headboard is made of ABS & aluminum alloy composite material, which is beautiful and durable.
  2. The side rails are made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which can effectively protect the safety of patients.
  3.  The bed frame is formed in one piece and passed through the electrostatic spraying process. Strong oxidation resistance and durable.
  4. 5-inch 125mm Dia.Noiseless castors with single brake.
  5. The hand crank is made of ABS material, which is durable and easy to operate.

Product Technical Parameters

The size of the Medical Bed L 2050 mm x W 980 mm x H 530 mm
Guardrail 75 cm aluminum alloy fence
Headboard ABS injection molding with aluminum * 2 pieces
Backrest Lifting 0°-75 °(± 5°)
Leg Up 0°-35°(± 5°)
Castor 5-inch(125 mm diameter) PU universal wheel (with single break)
Bed material 1.2 mm cold-rolled carbon steel
Net weight 75 kg
Gross weight 85 kg
Safe load 260 kg
Package dimensions 2030 mm * 1000 mm * 320 mm

What is manual hospital bed?

The manual hospital bed uses hand cranks to adjust the head and feet of the bed. Some manual beds can also adjust the overall height of the bed, as well as a Trendelenburg position and a Rev.Trendelenburg position.

What is the advantages of manual bed?

1. It is cheaper compared to an all-electric bed. 2. Because it is not equipped with a motor, the failure rate is extremely low and durable. 3. Low maintenance cost.

What is the manual hospital bed price?

The low price of manual beds is its biggest advantage. If you are purchasing bulk manual beds. Its price range is between 100USD and 450USD.


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