How to properly maintain the manual wheelchair

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Five tricks to maintain wheelchair

Regularly Check the wheelchair

1. Regularly check the wheelchair, such as whether the tire needs to be inflated, and whether the screws at the joints of the parts are loose. These tests are very important for the safe and smooth operation of the wheelchair. It is recommended to check every 60 days.

2.Regularly check the flexibility of the wheelchair bearing when the bearing lacks lubrication and becomes inflexible. The handling performance of the wheelchair is degraded and it becomes very resistant during use. Regularly lubricate the bearings and steering system of the wheelchair with lubricant.

Regular cleaning of the wheelchair

3.When the wheelchair is drenched by rain, it should be dried with a soft dry cloth as soon as possible to prevent the paint surface of the wheelchair from being oxidized.This not only ensures the appearance of the wheelchair, but also ensures the robustness of the wheelchair frame. (The metal frame of the wheelchair will not corrode due to rain erosion.)

4.Wheelchairs should be cleaned regularly, because wheelchairs are an important tool for patients to communicate and exercise. Without a clean and tidy environment, the patient’s mood will be affected. And in the long run, there will be a lot of bacteria. Wheelchair cushions and backrest should be cleaned and aired regularly. Because this part of the long-term physical contact with patients, regular cleaning can effectively prevent skin allergies and other phenomena.

5.The brakes of the wheelchair should be checked regularly, which is very important for the safety of the user.

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