Practicability and Comfort of Wheelchair Tyres

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The general construction of wheelchair tires is that the front wheel diameter is relatively small. Generally, a size of about 6 inches is selected as the front tire. The diameter of the rear wheel will be larger, choosing a size of 16 inches or more.

Why do most wheelchairs choose this tire size?

1.The front wheel of the wheelchair is used to adjust the direction of the wheelchair. Therefore, the front wheel will choose a small size tire to make the wheelchair direction adjustment easy.
The front wheel is 6 inches in diameter and even smaller. If you use a pneumatic tire, when the tire is nailed. Since the wheel diameter is too small, the maintenance of the tire becomes very inconvenient
Therefore, we will choose PU solid tires as the front wheel of the wheelchair if the customer does not request it. Make a trade-off between comfort and practicality.

2.The center of gravity of the wheelchair is the rear wheel of the wheelchair. In order to make the patient ride more comfortable., the rear wheel chose a 16-inch or 24-inch large-diameter pneumatic tire. Shock permeability of the wheelchair is good.For the patient to use more comfortable, we chose 16inch or even larger tires for the rear wheel.

Whether the front wheel needs to be customized as a pneumatic tire when purchasing a wheelchair

1.It all depends on your environment, if you frequently enter some shopping centers, supermarkets, communities, parks. A place with good road conditions and an elegant environment. I think it is necessary to choose an inflatable front wheel to greatly improve the comfort of the wheelchair.
2.If you need to take some complicated road conditions, such as pastoral, country roads, there are all kinds of stones here or small nails that you can’t see. At this time, I suggest you choose PU-free pneumatic tires. Due to this small size tire, tire repair is a very troublesome thing.

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