ICU Hospital Bed ST-EH036

  1. Specific Use: Hospital Bed
  2. Motor: Motor brand can be specified
  3. Certificate: ISO 13485 / CE / FDA
  4. Place of Origin: Hebei, China
  5. Warranty: 2 years

What is ICU Hospital Bed?

The ICU bed is hospital furniture designed specifically for the intensive care unit. To be precise, it should be called a medical device. Because the ICU intensive care unit is a sterile closed space. And you need to accurately measure the patient’s weight changes. The cost of ICU beds is much more expensive than that of ordinary beds.

In general, ICU beds are weight-measuring. This is mainly to ensure the nutritional intake of patients by monitoring the weight of critically ill patients.
Satcon Medical is a professional hospital bed manufacturer and distributor. We have extensive experience in cross-border bidding. Our products are CE and FDA certified. About ICU beds, generally have the following characteristics.

  1. Multi-position adjustment. ICU beds can be controlled by a motor. Examples include CPR position, Terrier/Anti-Teshi position.
  2.  Turn-over accessibility function. It can help the patient turn over by adjusting the bed. Convenient nursing staff to care for patients, effectively prevent the production of hemorrhoids.
  3.  Easy to operate. In addition to the ICU beds, there is a remote control. The operator panel is also typically embedded in the guardrails and bedsides and is equipped with an LCD display.
  4. Weighing function. Because patients in the ICU intensive care unit are in a state of self-care. Therefore, the patient’s weight needs to be accurately calculated. Depending on the weight change, the patient’s nutritional intake is determined.
  5. Back X-ray demand. Patients in the intensive care unit are extremely inconvenient to move. The backplate is equipped with X-ray box rails so that the patient can be photographed near full-body without moving the patient.

Product Description

  1. The Headboard is injection molded from ABS.
  2. The overall height of the hospital bed can be adjusted to facilitate docking of various inspection equipment.
  3. The ICU bed guardrail is injection molded with ABS, which is firm and beautiful.
  4. Backup Battery for emergency power off.
  5. IV Pole mount bracket, at the corners of the bed frame.

Product Technical Parameters

The size of the Medical Bed L 2150 mm x W 1050 mm x H (500 mm – 680 mm)
Guardrail ABS injection molding guardrail * 4 pieces
Headboard ABS injection molding * 2 pieces
Backrest Lifting 0°-60°
Leg Up 40°
Height adjustment 500 mm to 680 mm
Trendelenburg 0°-12°
Rev.Trendelenburg 0°-12°
Castor 5-inch PU universal wheel
Bed material 1.2 mm cold-rolled carbon steel
Net weight 139 kg
Gross weight  150 kg
Safe load 260 kg
Package dimensions 2030 mm * 1000 mm * 320 mm

What is an icu bed?

ICU beds are designed for patients in intensive care units. The requirements for ICU beds vary from hospital to hospital. It will require that ICU beds provide bodyweight. Some will require that the ICU have a one-click CPR system. And some ICU beds can be used to diagnose patients with X-ray machines

How many ICU beds are in a hospital?

Depending on the hospital level, the number of ICU beds at different levels varies. In China, the average hospital requires no less than 25 ICU beds.


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