Can the elderly board a wheelchair when they take the plane?

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How to properly check the wheelchair when you take the flight

There are no disabled seats on the plane, and disabled passengers cannot take their wheelchairs.
Passengers in wheelchairs must apply when purchasing tickets. When changing boarding passes, there will be people using aviation-specific wheelchairs (the size is suitable for use on the aircraft, and there are fixed devices and seat belts for flight use). In the wheelchair of the passenger, the wheelchair of the passenger must be checked in for free; there is a special wheelchair access during the security check.

After boarding the plane, there is a special location for wheelchairs, where the wheelchair can be fixed.

It should be noted that persons with disabilities who need to use the flight conditions need to provide the facilities or services such as medical oxygen, consignment electric wheelchairs, and on-board special narrow wheelchairs for use on the aircraft, which should be submitted at the time of booking, and no later than late. 72 hours before the flight departure.

Therefore, people with disabilities need to pay attention to the opportunity to consult with the airline as early as possible before the ticket is booked, so that the airline can coordinate and prepare. Disabled people should arrive at the airport more than 3 hours in advance on the day of flight, so that there is more time for boarding passes, baggage check-in, security check-in, boarding, and at the same time, when there are special circumstances such as changes in flight schedules, you can take it easy.

1) Transportation of manual wheelchairs

a. Manual wheelchairs should be transported as checked baggage.

b. Wheelchairs used for travel by sick passengers can be transported free of charge and are not counted in the free baggage allowance.

c. A passenger who has a wheelchair (such as a group wheelchair passenger) during the boarding process, agreed and pre-arranged, shall be wheelchair-handed at the boarding gate when the passenger boarding the aircraft.

2) Transportation of electric wheelchairs

a. Electric wheelchairs should be transported as checked baggage.

b.The electric wheelchair used in the travel of sick and disabled passengers can be transported free of charge and not included in the free baggage allowance.

c. When the electric wheelchair is checked, its packaging must meet the following requirements:

(1) A wheelchair equipped with a leak-proof battery, the two poles of the battery must be able to prevent short circuit and the battery is firmly installed in the wheelchair.

(2) A wheelchair equipped with a non-leak-proof battery must be removed from the battery. Wheelchairs can be transported as unrestricted checked baggage, and the removed batteries must be shipped in a rigid, rigid package that must be tightly sealed to prevent leakage of the battery fluid and to be secured in a suitable manner, such as with a tie wrap. , clips or brackets, which are fixed on the pallet or in the cargo hold (not supported by cargo or luggage).

The battery must be protected against short circuits and erected in the package and filled with a suitable absorbent material to allow it to fully absorb the liquid leaking from the battery.

These packages must be labeled “battery, wet, wheel chair” or “battery, wet, with mobility aid” (“Battery, battery, wet”). And attach the “corrosive” (“corrosive”) label and the package up label

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