How Much Does Wheelchair Cost

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How much does it cost to buy a wheelchair? As a wheelchair dealer, what type of wheelchair we choose is in line with market trends and guarantees a lucrative profit.
how much does wheelchair cost

Price of Manual Wheelchair

The price of a manual wheelchair is often cheaper than the price of an electric wheelchair, but there are exceptions. If you need a manual wheelchair, we can give you some advice. Manual wheelchairs come in many different types depending on the application. We have to divide according to market demand and you can choose according to your needs.

Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

This type of wheelchair is characterized by a light weight. The weight is generally around 8-10 kg. Most of the materials are made of aluminum alloy, which is easy to fold and easy to operate. Its wholesale price ranges from $50 to $100, and market terminals sell for around $150 to $300.

Ultralight Manual Wheelchair

Its biggest feature is ultra-light and very easy to carry. Compared to lightweight wheelchairs, it weighs less.
Its weight is generally between 4 kg and 6 kg. This wheelchair is designed for those who need to travel frequently.Some people call this wheelchair an airplane wheelchair. Its wholesale price is about 70 to 100 dollars, and the market price is about 200-500 dollars.

Bathroom Wheelchair

Shower wheelchairs are also known as bathroom wheelchairs. It is an indoor wheelchair designed for bathing people with physical disabilities. Most of the shower wheelchairs are made of aluminum alloy. Because it is often in a humid working environment, rust resistance is very important. The wholesale price for this type of wheelchair is about $60 to $100, and the retail price is around $300 to $500. Because it is a product in the segmentation field, it has a better profit margin.

Price of Electric Wheelchair

The current market trend, the market share of electric wheelchairs is increasing year by year. The price of electric wheelchairs is more expensive than manual wheelchairs. However, the convenience of an electric wheelchair is not a substitute for a manual wheelchair. There are many factors affecting the price of electric wheelchairs, body materials, batteries, controllers, etc.

Carbon Steel Electric Wheelchair

The biggest advantage of carbon steel electric wheelchairs is that they are cheap and have great appeal in the Southeast Asian market. However, everything has its two sides. The disadvantage of carbon steel electric wheelchairs is that they are too heavy and not easy to carry. In general, the quality of carbon steel electric wheelchairs is between 40 kg and 55 kg. Its wholesale price is between $300 and $400, and the market retail price is around $800.

Aluminum Alloy Electric Wheelchair

Aluminum alloy electric wheelchairs are the darling of the European and American markets. It has the same weight as a manual wheelchair, stable handling, and easy folding body. It can be said that it is a perfect wheelchair. Because the front wheel and rear wheel can be selected according to different road conditions. It can be used for a variety of complex roads and is suitable for a variety of roles.

We have discussed so many points, so what are its disadvantages? Obviously, the use of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloys, high-performance lithium batteries, these are the reasons for the rising cost of this wheelchair.Its wholesale price is generally around 500-800 US dollars, and the market retail price is about 1800 US dollars to 3,000 US dollars.

Price of Wheelchair Battery Price

Type of batteryNet weightRecharge mileagePrice
12 A Lead acid battery9 kg15 km15 USD
20 A Lead acid battery14 kg20 km50 USD
12 A Lithium battery2 kg20 km85 USD
20 A Lithium battery4 kg25 km115 USD

Through this blog I think you have a rough estimate of the cost of buying a wheelchair. If you want to know more, please contact Satcon Medical. After all, we are a well-known wheelchair manufacturer in China.

How much dose manual wheelchair cost?

For the price of a manual wheelchair, this depends largely on the material. If it is is carbon steel, the price is $30 to $80, if it is made in aluminum, the price about is $100 to $300.

How muce dose electric wheelchair cost?

The price of electric wheelchairs mainly depends on the material of the wheelchair frame and the battery.
Aluminum alloy cobalt and lithium batteries cost about $ 600 to $ 1,000; carbon steel cobalt plus lead acid batteries cost about $ 300 to $ 500.

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